Pranayama and Meditation Immersion


Mindfulness (Meditation) and breath awareness (Pranayama) are two ways of connecting deeper within ourselves and developing our yoga Practice further. Bringing these practices to others takes skill and gentle kindness. 

The Meditation portion of this training will touch on the role of the student and teacher within a meditation practice, how to deepen into a personal meditation path and will help the practitioner to bring the methods to others. We will explore different styles of meditation and how to recognize ground, path,  and fruition. 

Pranayama controls the flow of breath, and enhances the flow of energy (Prana) in the body. A regular, balanced pranayama practice increases energy and invites greater mental clarity, heightened healing potential and deeper self-understanding. Pranayama, like other yogic practices, is about being more fully present, and is a particularly helpful in the preparation for meditation.

The Pranayama portion of this training will explore more advanced breathing practices, both energizing and balancing. It will teach restorative breathing practices to use the breath to open deeper into the body. It will help the practitioner to guide these practices safely and mindfully and to build pranayama practices within a regular yoga class.

At the end of this training, participants will be able to bring the practices of meditation and pranayama to individuals and groups and to incorporate these practices into a regular yoga class.

This training is designed for yoga teachers already certified with a basic understanding of meditation and pranayama.

Yoga teachers will receive 13 CEU credit hours to submit to Yoga Alliance.

Dates and Times:

Saturday, May 4, 2019   9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sunday, May 5, 2019   12:00 - 3:00 pm


Pre-Registration before April 28 :  $300
Cost of training: $350


 A Notebook and a  camera (can be your phone) 

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Meet Our Teachers

Bridget Rawls Peterson


 Bridget Rawls Peterson, E-PRYT 500, began her yoga practice in college in North Carolina as a compliment to her dance training. She had been a technically trained dancer for her entire life and the power poses really challenged her in a way her body had never been challenged before. When she obtained her BA in Dance Education, she began teaching movement to people of all ages and physical abilities, incorporating many of the yoga poses she had learned into her teachings. She found a fun way to bring poses to children, a way to challenge professional dancers, and even a gentle way to bring movement to the elderly using yoga. When Bridget moved to NYC to pursue her professional dance career, she kept connected to her yoga training and began to explore more into the many styles of yoga. Bridget quickly attached herself to the Vinyasa style because of the similarity to dance it holds. It is a fluid approach to the traditional yoga poses she had begun to love. The precise attention to alignment and breath also helped her to connect deeper to movement within her performing and choreography. While choreographing and performing with a small dance company, Bridget attended the 200-hour certification program at Om Yoga Center in New York City under the direction of Cyndi Lee. While there she began to delve more into meditation and Buddhist spiritual studies as well. She also obtained her Prenatal Certification while studying at Om Yoga under Janice Clarfield. Bridget also completed her 500-hour Yoga Teaching Certification at Om Yoga Center, including her Restorative and Pranayama certifications. She holds her Yin Certification through Wake Up Yoga under the direction of Corinna Benner, her Meditation Certification through Cyndi Lee and David Nichtern and completed her Kids Yoga Certification through Karma Kids Yoga in NYC. After teaching in NYC for a time, Bridget moved out of the concrete mountains and into the beautiful scenic landscape of Rockland County. Bridget is the owner and founder of Lucky Elephant Yoga and Wellness in New City, NY where she hopes to inspire her students to see the beauty and joy that is around them and within them through breath and movement.