Nutrition Counseling

$65 1-Hour Session

What is nutrition counseling?
Nutrition Counseling is the process of working with an educated and trained nutritionist to make changes to diet and lifestyle to improve overall health.  Really, a nutrition counselor can be a guiding support to help you lead a healthy and happier life.

How does Nutrition Counseling "work?"
I work with each individual client, tailoring suggestions to match their likes, dislikes and lifestyle needs.  Working together, my client and I continuously set short-term attainable goals to build confidence and give you the best chance to succeed.  The individualized attention is also the best model for success.  I can make suggestions for diet changes that will fit into your life, not make you change your whole life to fit your new diet.  Because if you have to do that, eventually you'll ditch the diet and just go back to living your life.  You should be able to do both.  

What can I expect from a nutrition counseling meeting?
Walking in for a meeting with me, you are walking into a safe, judgement free zone.  Meetings are typically 1 hour long.  We will talk about you, your food choices, your lifestyle, and the things you want to change.  We will work together to make small changes little by little that you can stick with.  Before you know it, those small changes add up to a healthier and happier you.  


Meet Our Therapists

Shanna Straut


  • Changing your eating habits can be one of the most difficult journeys of your life. You need a partner to work with you, advise you, and help you achieve your goals. A nutrition counselor is that partner. As a nutrition counselor, Shanna has experience working with lots of different people. She earned a Master of Science degree from New York University, and combines this traditional science-based education with her holistic mindset. Shanna believes a healthy diet is the first step to overall health and happiness; when you feed your body, you are feeding your mind and your soul. She is passionate about good nutrition and loves sharing the joys of food! Shanna is also a kickboxing instructor, a wife, and a mother to a two beautiful girls!